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The Mountains of the World

We are The Mountains of the World.  Some of you may know Us as The Sacred Mountains of the World. We hold millennium of information from what you call the Earth plane and many other locations in the Cosmos. As the timeless travelers that We are and will continue to be, We hold the wisdom of the frequency and events of the many locations within the Cosmic expanse. 


We are not a single mountain or a single voice. Our sharing is as a group of units, all with information, all from slightly different perspectives, and all with the intention of assisting those of you who are on the Earth plane at this time to create an easy and effortless transition to the new frequency. Many beings are denying this frequency shift by reverting to attitudes and actions of decades ago. Be advised, the new frequency will become a reality; the shifts will occur; and, if you are called to consider the information We are sharing, you have a role in creating the shift. 

BeJoye is our scribe or channel - your choice of terms.  She is out mouthpiece and a significant Hybrid on the Earth plane at this time.  If you find Our communications interesting, you may choose to engage her Hybrid coaching services.


You now know a bit about Us and BE Joye, our scribe.  

What about you?  Who are you?  Why are you on the Earth plane at this time?  What role have you… the Hybrid You…agreed to play during this time of transition? 

If you are attracted to the energy of this communication, We highly recommend you read the offering; contemplate who you are as a Hybrid; and what your role in this transition might be.  


To provide support:

We continue to share information on the site and offer channeled coaching services by BE Joye (see Services Tab)

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