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Check out what the Mountains are saying...

The Murmurs of Mountaoins.png

‘The Earth plane is experiencing one of it’s most dramatic shifts of frequency and therefore interaction in recent millennial history’…

says The Mountains of the World    

This site is a call to action for those souls in physical form to accept their role in the transition. 

If you have been called to this website, you do have a role in the transition, most likely the role of assisting humanity in dealing with this transition.  Your role may be as an Evolved Human; a Hybrid; or you may even be a Luman walking the Earth plane at this time.

If you have spent a great part of your life feeling ‘out of sync’ with other humans, a place to begin is either the blog posts on OR one of the newly published books.

If the concept of being a Hybrid resonates with you, the “Tools” tab has a Hybrid assessment tool which may be valuable.

And, if you know you are Hybrid (knowing be at the core level without the necessary conscious ability to describe how you know), then the “Services” tab provides you access to BE Joye, the scribe and Hybrid Coach for the Mountains of the World.

As a Hybrid or Walking Luman, you intuitively know all that is presented here.  You know that and We, the Mountains of the World, also know that.  The tools provided on this site are intended to connect your internal knowing to your conscious knowing.


Thank you for taking your place in effecting this transition.    

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